Sempervivum species

Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum is a collection of succulents that work well as small-space groundcovers, in containers or tucked between rocks and boulders. Many species and selections are available in a range of sizes and leaf colors. It is important to plant in soil with good drainage and don't overwater. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Senecio mandraliscae

Kleinia, Blue Finger

The common name Blue Finger is a great hint as to this plant's appearance. Long, fingerlike stems are slightly curved. Useful as a groundcover or accent planting. Provide afternoon shade in hot summer areas. Canopy coverage: 3 square feet.

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Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata

Australian Grasstree

This is a succulent with a grasslike form and appearance. Long, very narrow, 2- to 4-foot leaves drape fountainlike from the tops of the woody trunks. Mature size of 8 feet by 8 feet takes many years. Tall flowering stalks to 12 feet high appear sporadically in spring. (See photo.) Best in well draining, sandy soil. Canopy coverage: 50 square feet.

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Yucca aloifolia

Spanish Bayonet

Spanish Bayonet certainly earns its common name with stiff, sword-shaped leaves to 2 feet long or more, armed with sharp points. Locate carefully, well away from paths and entries. Widely adapted to range of climates, from the desert to the coast. Canopy coverage: 20 square feet.

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Yucca baccata

Banana Yucca

Banana Yucca produces profuse numbers of white, bell-shaped flowers on stalks 2 feet high. Edible bananalike fruit follow. Leaves are stiff and pointed. Canopy coverage: 20 square feet.

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Yucca brevifolia

Joshua Tree

Iconic tree that represents California's high elevation deserts. This wide-spreading Yucca has stiff, sword-shaped leaves up to 2 feet long. Plant well away from entries and walkways. Demands dry conditions with well draining soil. Canopy coverage: 707 square feet.

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Yucca elata

Soaptree Yucca

The graceful form and silhouette of Soaptree Yucca makes it a great choice for a desert landscape. Tall flower stalks and 3-foot spikes are dramatic. Canopy coverage: 50 square feet.

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Yucca faxoniana

Faxon Yucca, Eve's Needle

The large, ascending, 2-1/2-foot-long leaves of Faxon Yucca are tipped with dagger-sharp points; locate away from outdoor living spaces or walkways. Flowers bloom in clusters in spring to early summer on stalks to 4 feet high. Its imposing structure makes it excellent to view as a silhouette. Canopy coverage: 79 square feet.

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Yucca filamentosa 'Golden Sword'

Adam's Needle

Adam's Needle is one of most cold hardy of all Yuccas. Selections with striped leaves such as 'Golden Sword', shown in photos, are also available. Canopy coverage: 13 square feet.

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Yucca glauca

Soapweed Yucca, Narrowleaf Yucca

This Yucca can be grown as single specimen or in spreading clumps. Accepts more shade that most Yuccas. Swordlike leaves have interesting filaments along the edges. Canopy coverage: 13 square feet.

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Yucca gloriosa

Spanish Dagger

Plants usually produce several upright stems. Rosettes of bluish green, stiffly upright, fleshy leaves grow to 2 feet long. Presents a subtropical mood. Canopy coverage: 50 square feet.

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Yucca pallida

Pale-Leaf Yucca

Light gray to silvery leaf color allows Pale Leaf Yucca to provide interest and contrast to nearby plantings. Leaves are long and slender. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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Yucca recurvifolia

Weeping Yucca

Grow Weeping Yucca for a subtropical effect aided by its dense, soft, fountainlike form. Flowers are profuse on stalks 3 to 5 feet high. Canopy coverage: 28 square feet.

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Yucca rostrata

Beaked Yucca, Thompson's Yucca

This Yucca may remind you of a smaller, more refined version of the iconic Joshua Tree. Narrow, stiff, daggerlike leaves have yellow margins. Bell-shaped flowers bloom on stalks to 5 feet high. Canopy coverage: 79 square feet.

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Yucca schidigera

Mojave Yucca

Mojave Yucca is an excellent accent plant, especially when planted between boulders. Presents a pleasing subtropical effect. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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