Yucca faxoniana | Faxon Yucca, Eve's Needle

The large, ascending, 2-1/2-foot-long leaves of Faxon Yucca are tipped with dagger-sharp points; locate away from outdoor living spaces or walkways. Flowers bloom in clusters in spring to early summer on stalks to 4 feet high. Its imposing structure makes it excellent to view as a silhouette. Canopy coverage: 79 square feet.

Water Requirement: low

Sun Exposure: partial shade, reflected sun, full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to 0F

Growth Rate: slow, moderate

Height: 15 feet high

Width: 10 feet wide


Foliage Color: light green

Flower Color: white

Flower Season: spring, summer

Wildlife: hummingbirds, butterflies