Clematis species | Clematis

Clematis are available in a range of flower colors. The many species and selections produce dramatic flowers, most are large, up to 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Pruning for flower production varies according to plant type: Make note of the recommended practice when you purchase plants. Plants shown are 'Silver Moon (white) and 'The President', (blue). Canopy coverage: 177 square feet.

Water Requirement: moderate, high

Sun Exposure: partial shade, full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to -20F

Growth Rate: fast

Height: 15 feet high

Width: 15 feet wide

Deciduous, Evergreen

Foliage Color: medium green, dark green

Flower Color: yellow, purple, red, white, blue, pink

Flower Season: spring, summer

Wildlife: hummingbirds