ornamental grass

Miscanthus 'Giganteus' | Giant Chinese Silvergrass

(Miscanthus floridulus)

Massive and dramatic are two words that describe Giant Chinese Silvergrass. Not a plant for a small garden, it is versatile, serving as a background, screen or specimen. Cut back to 6 to 12 inches above plant crown in early spring to renew growth. Seedheads are definitely eye-catching. In hot summer regions locate plants where they will receive some afternoon shade. Canopy coverage: 13 square feet.

Water Requirement: moderate

Sun Exposure: partial shade, full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to -20F

Growth Rate: moderate

Height: 8 feet high

Width: 4 feet wide


Foliage Color: medium green, tan

Flower Color: pink

Flower Season: fall