tree, shrub

Myrica californica | Pacific Wax Myrtle

(Morella californica)

The new genus name for Pacific Wax Myrtle is Morella, but it is still commonly sold as Myrica. Grown as a tree or shrub with graceful upright limbs. Accepts full sun along the coast; provide with afternoon shade and additional summer water in hot inland regions. Leaves to 4 inches long are fragrant. Berries that are loved by birds follow the inconspicuous spring flowers. Canopy coverage: 314 square feet.

Water Requirement: low, moderate

Sun Exposure: partial shade, full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to 5F

Growth Rate: fast

Height: 30 feet high

Width: 20 feet wide


Foliage Color: bright green, dark green

Flower Color: yellow

Flower Season: spring

Wildlife: birds, butterflies