tree, shrub, perennial

Cordyline australis | Giant Dracaena

(Dracaena australis)

This yuccalike plant can serve just about any landscape function, depending on its age and how it is maintained. Young plants present as a fountain of long, straplike leaves. Tiny fragrant flowers bloom in clusters in late spring. With time, it can become a tree form with tall, slender, upright trunks. Selections are available in a wide range of dramatic foliage colors. Canopy coverage: 113 square feet.

Water Requirement: low, moderate

Sun Exposure: partial shade, full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to 15F

Growth Rate: moderate

Height: 30 feet high

Width: 12 feet wide


Foliage Color: light green, gray-green, purple, red

Flower Color: white, cream

Flower Season: spring