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Citrus species | Citrus

Citrus comprise an extremely wide range of fruiting trees and shrubs. Each species has its own unique size, fruiting periods, cold hardiness and climate adaptations. There is not enough space here to provide complete information. Generally cold hardy from 25F to 32F, with limes being the most cold sensitive to frost. Oranges, mandarins and kumquats are among the most cold hardy. When irrigating Citrus, water away from the trunk and apply near the tree's dripline. See photo. Maintain regular irrigations for fruit production. Average canopy coverage: 177 square feet.

Water Requirement: moderate

Sun Exposure: full sun

Cold Hardiness: cold hardy to 30F

Growth Rate: moderate

Height: 20 feet high

Width: 15 feet wide


Foliage Color: medium green

Flower Color: white

Flower Season: spring, summer, fall

Wildlife: bees, birds