Teucrium chamaedrys 'Prostratum'

Creeping Germander

The mature height of Creeping Germander is listed at 1 foot high, but it actually stays lower—to just 6 inches high. Fragrant foliage is appealing when planted between stepping stones or other close-up locations. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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Thymophylla pentachaeta var. pentachaeta

Golden Dyssodia

Golden Dyssodia is a short-lived, wildflower-type perennial that is sometimes grown as an annual. It is low-growing, typically reaching only 7 inches high and as wide. Used successfully on slopes for erosion control. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Thymus praecox

Pink Creeping Thyme

Pink Creeping Thyme makes an interesting, mat-forming groundcover in small locations. 'Elfin', shown in photos between pavers and steppingstones, hugs the ground even closer. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Thymus vulgaris

Garden Thyme, English Thyme

A Thyme useful for cooking and as an ornamental. Form may be somewhat variable. 'Argenteus', Silver Thyme, takes on more of a shrubby form. Leaves are green with a yellowish white band. Canopy coverage: 3 square feet.

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Thymus x citriodorus

Lemon Thyme

This Thyme has a strong lemon scent that is fragrant to the touch and also useful for cooking. 'Aureus' is commonly known as Variegated Lemon Thyme. Leaves have a yellow-gold hue. Canopy coverage: 3 square feet.

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Tradescantia pallida 'Purpurea'

Purple Heart, Purple Spiderwort

This striking, rough-textured perennial has made the transition from houseplant to accent perennial or small-scale groundcover. Excellent in a hanging basket with stems and leaves draping to 1-1/2 feet or more. Plants may be killed to the ground with winter cold but regrow quickly the next spring season. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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Tulbaghia violacea

Society Garlic

The pale purple flowers of Society Garlic bloom on top of small thin stems. Foliage produces a faint garlic scent when brushed or bruised. Selections with variegated foliage are also available. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Verbena lilacina

Lilac Verbena

Lilac Verbena is a mounding groundcover or subshrub with a long flowering season. Relatively cold hardy. Locate where it will receive some afternoon shade in hot summer areas. The popular cultivar 'De La Mina' has darker flowers but cold hardiness is about 25F. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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Viguiera deltoidea


Goldeneye grows as a small shrub form, free-flowing for naturalistic plantings. Canopy coverage: 3 square feet.

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Wedelia texana


This is an easy-to-grow groundcover or small shrub. It is blessed with a long blooming period with profuse, yellow to gold daisylike flowers. Avoid overwatering or plants can become leggy. Rough textured, so not the best choice for close-up viewing. Canopy coverage: 7 square feet.

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Wedelia trilobata

Yellow Dot

Yellow Dot is a fast-growing, trailing groundcover that produces a profusion of small yellow flowers during the warm season. It can be invasive so best to plant within a contained area. Canopy coverage: 28 square feet.

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Zephyranthes grandiflora

Fairy Lily

The upright mounding form of Fairy Lily catches your eye with its striking flowers. Similar plants worth considering include 'Prairie Sunset', a hybrid. It remains more evergreen during the hot-summer season. Another, known as Rain Lily, has attractive white flowers. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Zinnia acerosa

Desert Zinnia

Desert Zinnia develops into a low, mounding cover. It is at home tucked between rocks and boulders. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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Zinnia grandiflora

Prairie Zinnia

Prairie Zinnia is a low, spreading plant with yellow daisylike flowers. Expect a nice, long period of summer color. Canopy coverage: 1 square foot.

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