Trachycarpus fortunei

Windmill Palm

A primary value of this palm is that it remains in scale for home landscapes. Dark brown fibers on trunk as trees age add interest. Canopy coverage: 50 square feet.

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Ulmus parvifolia

Evergreen Elm

Evergreen Elm is an extremely fast-growing tree for shade. Mottled tan and gray bark is an attraction. Thin—don't top—branches in crown to prevent wind damage. Canopy coverage: 962 square feet.

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Vitex agnus-castus

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree can be grown as a shrub or small tree. Makes a broad screen, although leaves drop in winter. Selections are available with pink or white flowers. Canopy coverage: 491 square feet.

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Washingtonia filifera

California Fan Palm

Very similar in appearance to Mexican Fan Palm, but California Fan Palm has a noticeably thicker and heavier trunk. Many gardeners leave the dead palm fronds on older palms, adding interest. Plant or transplant during warm season. Canopy coverage: 177 square feet.

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Washingtonia robusta

Mexican Fan Palm

The trunk of Mexican Fan Palm is more narrow and the tree grows taller than California Fan Palm. A definite skyline tree. Can be invasive as plants reseed easily. Plant or transplant during warm season. Canopy coverage: 79 square feet.

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